Cap La Pérouse in an extremely demanding brand for its products’ quality and its working methods. Coming from New Caledonia, preserved and pristine territory, it offers incomparable tastes of sea products. Discover its wild albacore tuna, an alalunga tuna of sashimi quality, fished properly.

A selective fishing

A selective fishing area, located in The Natural Park of the Coral Sea, covers 1,200,000 sq. km. The fishing pressure does not exceed one hook for 110 sq. km.

One hook, one fish

Fished by longline, the tuna is stunned and prepared according the “Ike Jime” Japanese method, allowing the preservation of the fish’s taste.

16 longliners vessels

The professional fishermen of Cap La Pérouse catch more than 2,500 metric tons of fish a year.

‘Certified by the ‘Responsible Fishing’ label, Cap La Pérouse offers sea products of exception, using the best South Pacific fishing practices.