The ‘Responsible Fishing’ label is a certification for the best fishing practices in New Caledonia. It guarantees, in addition of the current legislation, a well resource management, an environment, hygiene rules and traceability respectful fishing. It certifies the products’ quality, good working conditions and on-board security.

A professional offshore fishermen federation

The six fishing companies formed the ‘Fédération des Pêcheurs Hauturiers de Nouvelle-Calédonie’ to promote, their know-how: a selective longline fishing method, respectful of the environment, for a sustainable exploitation and a responsible management of the resource

A particular label,
a certified practice

Global process management, the ‘Responsible Fishing’ referential target, beyond the legislation respect, to set pelagic fish resources, environment, fished products, but also security and working conditions respectful practices. The offshore fishermen federation’s ‘Responsible Fishing’ referential concerns the whole production of the offshore fleet of New Caledonia.

  • Avail of the resource in a sustainable way
  • Control the impacts on the ecosystem
  • Contribute to the improvement of scientific knowledges
  • Guarantee of the products’ quality
  • Guarantee of the products’ traceability
  • Valorize the products

  • Improve the waste management
  • Limit the impact of produced waste on the environment
  • Optimize the energy consumption

  • Guarantee working and satisfying life conditions to people on board of the fishing vessels
  • Guarantee security to people on board